About Me

Traci Frost Food


AKA Mrs Always Right

Our Approach

What my husband and I are going to provide, via our blog, are things like:

  • Decorating Tips
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Product Reviews
  • Best Stores to Source Ingredients
  • Lunch Ideas for Kids

And much much more……

About Us

Being originally from the UK and having a little Italian has made me into a complete lover of not just baking or cooking, but just enjoying food in general.

It's a constant battle for me, not to become the size of a house, and what doesn’t make things any easier is my husband (dare I say it) is probably worst than me. And you guessed it our kids too.

Meet the Gang

We are a very close family and do almost everything together from owning a business to weekly grocery trips.

I think the only thing we don’t do as a family, is going to Disneyland and that is only because all us except my husband are complete Disney nuts!

Although, I think Steve is a secret Disney lover LOL!

Hubby Food Blog

Steve (My Hubby)

AKA Thinks His Gordon Ramsey 



AKA Older Sister

As like all teenagers, Madonna spends most of her time taking selfies.



AKA Trouble Maker

This guy is trouble with a capital "T" but gets away with it due to being such a charmer.



AKA Hiccups 

The newest edition to the family and hopefully not the last "Hint, Hint Steve".

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